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Vitrified Steel

Our identity is defined by the perception of materials as the maximum expression of functionality and vital integration of civil society in every contructive space.
The distinctive features that humanize the product are given by the company philosophy and development.
Each Project is the result comprehension of respect and to nowadays needs; it provides added value and a free aesthetic inspiration that looks for solutions with efficiency and expression at the same time.

The product turns into an inspiration for innovative ways of collective life...

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the team

Our team is our biggest asset, distinguished by their quality.The development of our team skills have two relevant issues:

The constant objective of obtaining the best aesthetic and functional benefits to product applications.
The highest sensitiveness to requirements of a society that is in constant change.

This is the only way to positionate in a dinamic market and to face all the social challenges that raises with each project.

PRODESMALT. New forms of colective life; intelligent and  environmentaly friendly

PRODESMALT VITRIFIED STEEL has its own engineering staff. We provide; engineering and consultancy services. Turnkey projects are also our speciality.

Our great adaptability improves our efficiency and our customers satisfaction, by developing the best solution to fit their needs.


Adaptable and efficient engineering

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